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For a hassle-free execution of shifting it is imperative to hire right moving company in your city. A right service will not execute the process in most hassle-free way but also give you a peace of mind because you will see your goods are handled by professionals with care and skill. Needless to say, a good mover can make your move easy and simple. But finding out the right service provider is also a big issue. If you are looking for a right moving company in Surat then we suggest you to compare estimates of different potential movers and packers of this city in order to choose the best available option that suits your needs, preferences and budgets.

Here, we at have listed information about top 3 packers and movers of Surat with their addresses and phone numbers. You can directly contact them for further information and getting estimates. If you do not want to consume your time calling these companies then we present you a single online form to fill by which you will get estimates of these top six moving companies of Surat. We have listed these companies after checking their credibility, reputation and experience. However, you may contact them directly for complete satisfaction.

Packers and Movers Surat Charges, Estimated Cost & Price List

The cost of shifting and the price list of Surat packers and movers vary for local and national wise shifting. The approx. moving cost to shift within Surat is Rs. 3,500 to Rs. 20,500. The charges for domestic shifting are Rs. 10,500 to Rs. 50,000.

Packers and Movers in Surat Charges for Local Shifting (Updated List 2023)

  • Complete office relocation in Surat charges 7,600 – 20,500.
  • 1 BHK home shifting in Surat charges 6,600 – 10,500.
  • 2 BHK home shifting in Surat charges 7,600 – 15,500.
  • 2-3 BHK local shifting in Surat charges 6,600 – 16,500.
  • 3-4 BHK home shifting in Surat charges 8,500 – 22,500.
  • 5 BHK home shifting or Villa in Surat charges 10,500 – 25,500.
  • Few offices items local shifting in Surat charges 6,600 – 11,500.
  • Few households’ items local shifting in Surat charges 6,600 – 10,500.
  • Complete household local shifting in Surat charges 7,600 – 20,500.

Packers and Movers Shifting Cost from Surat to other Cities (Updated List 2023)

100 –
400 Km
700 Km
1100 Km
1500 Km
2100 Km
2100 –
2700 Km
1 BHK (150 to 300 Cubic feet)10,000 – 20,00012,000 – 22,00014,000 – 23,00016,000 – 25,00018,000 – 28,00020,000 – 33,000
2 BHK (400 to 700 Cubic feet)13,000 – 24,00015,000 – 27,00017,000 – 30,00020,000 – 33,00023,000 – 37,00025,000 – 40,000
3 BHK (800 to 1200 Cubic feet)16,000 – 28,00019,000 – 32,00020,000 – 36,00024,000 – 39,00028,000 – 44,00032,000 – 52,000
4 Wheeler (Car)4,000 – 7,0005,500 – 9,5006,000 – 10,8008,000 – 13,0009,500 – 15,00010,500 – 20,500
2 Wheeler (Bike, Scooter)2,500 – 4,5003,000 – 5,4003,500 – 6,0004,500 – 9,0005,200 – 10,0005,500 – 15,000
Small Office11,000 – 26,00017,000 – 31,00024,000 – 37,00026,000 – 40,00030,000 – 45,00035,000 – 52,000
Medium Office24,000 – 46,00027,000 – 50,00036,000 – 60,00040,000 – 62,00045,000 – 72,00050,000 – 80,000

Hiring Professional Packing Moving Services in Surat

Moving in or from Surat with lots of household belongings can be very complicated and difficult process if you tackle in the process yourself. It is because the process may consists of several difficult tasks such as packing, loading, moving, unloading, unpacking and rearranging of goods. Apart from these tedious tasks you may also face some unpleasant issues. In short, moving from one place to another is a process that may pester you extremely. But with a professional mover you can turn the situation into easygoing affair dramatically. There are many professional moving companies in the city of Surat that can help with your move and provide you complete solution to all your shifting needs. A good mover will help you whether you shift with household belongings or commercial goods.

There are many benefits of hiring professional packing and moving services in Surat. One main benefit is you will save your precious time. It is but obvious that if you do tasks yourself you will have to consume your precious time. Since removal companies are expert doing such tasks they can minimize the required time and keep you comfortable. With professional you will also save energy because you will not have to do tasks which are certainly difficult and tedious. One of the biggest advantages is you will have damage-free transportation of your belongings. Almost all good packers and movers in Surat are backed by comprehensive insurance coverage policy. Hence they may cover the loss in case of goods are damaged in transit unfortunately. But there is minimal chance of damages of goods in transit because goods are handled with care and skill by highly and professionally trained staff members.

If you hire full service of a right moving agency in Surat then it is certain that you will see hassle-free and safe execution of shifting process. All of your belongings will be packed correctly using good quality packing supplies and transferred to your new place safely and timely. You will feel yourself completely comfortable as your things will be handled with care and skill. So, consider hiring services of experienced movers and packers in Surat in order to turn moving operation into easygoing and smooth affair.

Note: It is good to hire a professional moving company on move. But make sure you hire the right one that perfectly caters to all your needs including budgets. Make sure you have hired one that is not only affordable but also experienced, insured, registered and reputed. So, you are advised to conduct research and compare quotes of different potential moving companies of Surat in order to find out the best option. You can compare estimates of top 3 moving companies of Surat at

Ways to Find Out Right Movers Packers in Surat

  • First of all, make a list of some potential moving companies.
  • You can ask your friends, relatives, colleagues and neighbors for recommendations.
  • You can also search over the internet for information about some potential companies.
  • Once, you have a list of some good companies, start your research.
  • Either make phone calls to these companies or visit their offices personally.
  • Take them into questions. Ask them right questions to make sure they are indeed right for you.
  • Confirm they are registered, experienced, insured, reputable and reliable.
  • Ask them why you should hire their services. Ask them years of experience in the business.
  • Make clear about surplus charges and hidden costs.
  • Ask what services you will get one you hire them. Make clear about mode of payment. It is your right before you make a final deal with them.
  • Ask them about their previous customers and clients. Do not hesitate to ask anything.
  • You can narrow down list. Make sure you have at least three packers and movers of Surat in your list.
  • Invite these companies to your home on different days for in-home estimates.
  • Show them your belongings and ask for estimates. Get everything in writing.
  • Compare estimates, services and price details. Make a final decision wisely and carefully in order to select the right service provider at right price.

Ways to Save Money and Cut Down Moving Cost

Moving is not a tiresome event but also expensive one. It may require a large amount of budget if you do not plan it in proper way. Here are some ways by which you can save money and reduce cost.

  • Get rid of items you do not want to transfer to your new home. This will help you reduce cost for packing and transportation of these unwanted items including old furniture, toys or other junk things.
  • Make a garage sale for items or old belongings you do not want to transfer to your new residence. This will not only help you reduce some belongings but also help you earn some money.
  • Consider to do some of tasks yourself. You may tackle in packing and unpacking process yourself. This will help you a save a significant amount of relocation budget.
  • Make sure you are expert in the art of packing otherwise you should consider for professional packing because you do not want damages of your possessions in transit.
  • Do not deal with inexperienced moving company of your city as it may damage your belongings due to poor packing or handling of your goods.
  • Compare estimates of different recommended packers and movers of your city so that you can find the right one at right price.

These were some great pointers which may help you reduce moving cost and save a significant amount of money.